I am a pretty huge bibliophile. To me, any task could be done with a book: car trips, solitary meals, even bathroom breaks. I never thought I would be able to  make the switch from the feel of paperbacks in my hand to a digital reader. Until I received a Kindle this past Christmas from my mother-in-law! Now after scouring amazon for free books (I have over 500 I have never paid for), I can’t give it up.For all you literary lovers out there, printed or electronic, there are resources for you to get free or practically free books to read.

Paper Back Swap – This online book sharing community is one I have been a part of for over 5 years. You simply post books by their ISDN# to your account. For every one of your books that gets requested by another user and you send by mail, you get 1 credit. These credits can in turn be used to request a book be sent to you. It is free, except for the few dollars it costs to send it. The one downside is that sometimes it takes a little while for more popular books to be available to be sent. However, the trick is if there is a book you know in advance is one you want, you put it in your wish list to make sure you are closer to the top of the list.

Bookrooster– Sign up for this website to receive free advance copies of books and review them for amazon giftcard drawings. They will send you an email of a book when it become available as well as a synopsis. Simply click the link to reply and the first 30 people to respond will be sent a copy. If you don’t want to write a review on amazon, you don’t have to. But in order to be eligible for the drawing, you must link your amazon review to the bookrooster site. I joined a few months ago and currently have more books then I have time to read. Here are some of my reviews here.

Lendle OR ebookfling– These site is similar to Paperback Swap, just for digital copies. Lendle is for kindle users only, and ebookfling is for kindle and nook. Both sites have you post books for request and use a credit system based on how many books you post and/or lend. Lendle will also give you amazon gift credits if you are able to lend (which if you are lending the free ones from amazon, is rare). Keep in mind that Kindle books can only be lent once so if you ever want to lend books friends and family, you should not post on here.

A Kindle World Blog– I subscribe to this blog because they regularly post free and newly discounted books available through amazon. I go through these posts a few times a week a download the books that seem interesting to me.

What tricks do you have for getting cheap or free books? Do you prefer paper or digital? What sites are your favorites?