Every once in awhile I get coupons for Cici’s pizza, but since it’s location is a little out of the way for me, we don’t go very often. Recently, we did visit the location on International Drive here in Orlando. Now the pizza is cheap, and although it’s not the best I have ever had, it’s all you can eat! The makes it the perfect meal if you are in a hurry and on a budget near the bustling tourist mecca of attractions.

What stands out most, though, is the desserts! They had brownies, a Bavarian crème pizza, and gooey cinnamon rolls (my husband’s favorite!). While we were deciding what we wanted to eat at the buffet, we noticed people asking for special orders. Apparently you can ask for cheesy bread or a whole specialty pizza and have it delivered to your table when it is ready, free of charge! The manager at this location was especially helpful and we noticed he took care to make sure people were not over crowded while getting their food.

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Near Disney: Cici’s is located 2 miles from Disney on Palm Parkway.

Near Universal: Cici’s is located on International Dr.

Near UCF/ Waterford Lakes: No locations available

Near the Airport: No locations availanle

What restaurant have you found onInternational Drive that is affordable? Anyone have a favorite  Cici’s location near them? Post in the comments below!