It was not all that long ago that I started couponing. When we first got married, my husband and I thought that the best and only way to save money was to buy at the Dollar Store and Walmart. However, when we moved to Orlando, I discovered that couponing, while a little more time consuming, meant that I could save MORE money (and on well known brands!).

At first couponing overwhelmed me. I watched the “Extreme Couponing” show and basically sat in awe of their ability to save so much. Then I got smacked in the face with the reality tv façade: While you can save a lot of money couponing, hoarding things you may never use is a waste of the resources we have been given.

You can take classes in couponing here, and while I have not tired it, I have heard it has a lot of good tips. Most of the research I have done has been through online searches and reading various blogs. Find a system that works for you and go to it!

My first step was to find something to carry my coupons with me. I started with a little accordion style plastic folder, but it soon got too stuffed. My next project was a little photo album, but it started to be really hard to get the coupons I needed out.

Then I found this little tutorial. It was back to school time so I got all of the supplies extremely discounted. The binder was on clearance, and I cannot stress enough the importance that it zips all the way around. You don’t want the precious coupons to fall out!

I found the baseball card sheets at my local Target as well. Once I modified the categories to fit my needs, I was able to organize it more fully (and I did not realize this until recently, but mine is the exact same binder in the tutorial!). This binder is an especially good conversation starter, since people in the stores ask me about it all the time. Also you can easily identify other organized couponeers since this happens to be the preferred method of handling for hardcore coupon connoisseurs. Additionally, I have a small plastic pouch that I keep restaurant coupons in so I can grab them out of my purse spontaneously.

What methods work for you when it comes to organization? Post in the comments below!

Next up: I have a place to put them, but where do I find them?