In honor of it being Sunday (coupon day!), I decided it would be the perfect time to explore where coupons come from. See there’s a momma coupon and a daddy coupon…..

Any serious coupon maven will tell you that the world is your oyster when it comes to coupons. There is no shortage of websites that have links, coupon databases, and email newsletters full of coupon goodness. But where to start? Searching for coupons can be as overwhelming as it is rewarding. My plan is one that is ever evolving, but it works for me. Never be afraid to modify the tips and tricks to make it work for you.

Coupons and where to find them:

  1. Sunday Paper– My family does not read the paper normally, so we purchase just the Sunday edition. I literally open it up, remove all the ads and coupons and recycle the rest. At work there are quite a few people who clip coupons as well, so we will swap the ones we don’t want and get more of the ones we do.
  2. Online Coupon Sites– Once a week I will browse the coupons and print the ones I want. I save the links to these sites to my browser so I get to them faster. Some of these sites include the same coupons, but some don’t. These include,,, Coupon Network, Saving Star, and
  3. Points Rewards Sites– Many sites let you print coupons (many of the same from the above sites) but once you use them, you accumulate reward points that can be redeemed for prizes and gift cards. The 2 I use the most are and (more on these 2 sites at another time).
  4. On the individual store’s website– for my area, I can go to whatever store I want to and see what coupons are available. These include,,, and Publix will actually take store coupons from competitor’s websites as well as price match.
  5. From a Store’s Mailer– for me this usually is only for BJ’s but I know of many other stores that do have mailers with store coupons.
  6. From Facebook and Brand websites– I subscribe to many blogs in order to get the skinny on what brands are offering coupons directly through them. You can read my earlier post HERE to see some of my favorites. Keep on the lookout for sample offers because more than likely coupons will be included as well.
  7. Email Newsletters– when there is a brand I use often or a store I shop at frequently, I go to their website to see if there is some kind of newsletter I can subscribe to. Most of the time this will include some kind of coupon or deal.
  8. Contact the brand directly– Do you like a specific brand and use it a lot? Consider writing them an email and letting them know. Sometimes if you request it, they will send you coupons in the mail.

 Where do you find coupons? Do you think it is easy to find them or confusing? Post comments below.