In recent years I have stop and started writing blogs. But my due to a strange malady that has come over me lately (call it general melancholy and wanting more from my career as a whole), my thoughts have turned once again to one of my favorite past times: SHARING.

In this case it would be opinions and knowledge, and may be quite eclectic. But that is me in a nutshell, I am nothing if not especially diverse and off the wall.

These entries can be broken down into the following categories:

1. Savings- this could cover coupons, sales, money saving ideas or other DIY projects.

2. Entertainment- reviews on TV and Movies, even video games

3. Things I find interesting at the time

In my household, we have a total of 7 adults that I plan and grocery shop for (in addition to some very unique food likes/dislikes/allergies). We have a very random schedule every week so this causes us to be very creative in what we cook, how we shop, and how we save. There are many different blogs I read in order to research how to best facilitate this in the best way possible.

In addition to the full time job that 5 of us work, we also have a startup company in which we design websites, apps, and help with other digital and web projects. Feel free to visit our website at Fusion Three Productions.

Hopefully this will encourage you to get involved in the discussions and our online community!