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Super crafty- Candy Land Cake

My friend from college recently made this cake and I just had to share it. My favorite part is the ice cream cone mountains. Joy said that it will take her and her family quite a few days to eat through it. Sounds like a blissful sugar high to me!

What do you guys think? What other creative ideas do you have for yummy desserts?



The family went to the movies today to see Captain America (more on that later). While we were there, we happened upon a genius idea. The theater used it’s old posters to wrap boxes as presents. This is terrific because you can go to most theaters and obtain free posters (or 2 or 3!). Many times you don’t even have to purchase a movie ticket, just ask at the box office. This theater also added movie film as ribbon, but if that is not readily available to you, I’m sure regular ribbon would do just as well!

What would you use in the place of the film strips? What other found items would you use for wrapping? Post in the comments below!