One of my favorite things to do is get free things, and my most favorite is Amazon gift cards. If I build a up a pretty good stash of gift card credits, then any time I need something, whether it be a movie (streaming or dvd), music, books, or whatever, it’s free! So far I have found 2 places where I can get gift cards with just a few moments of my time.

My Points– they will send you a few emails a day. If you click the link in most of the emails, you get 5 points. If you take advantage of the offer you get more. I usually just get points from emails, and it takes me about a year to get enough for a $25 dollar gift card. However, I just discovered Bzzagent from this blog posting. Sometimes Bzzagent will award you a few Mypoints for doing surveys and such! Find out more ways to earn Mypoints here.

SwagBucks– there are so many ways to earn Sb’s and you can learn some of them here. The least time consuming was using the SwagBucks search and getting points for searching. 450 Sb’s gets you a $5 Amazon gift card. You can also do surveys, polls, and tasks which can get you even more.

If I had more time to spend, I would definitely be racking up the points. But every little bit helps.

Where have you found to earn Amazon Gift cards? Post em below! (Christmas is coming!)