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Yesterday during our many outings, our little group paid a visit to Gamer’s Inc.  It is tucked away in the Waterford Towers, so sometimes it seems it does not get much foot traffic. This is a shame because it is an awesome place to find new and used games and equipment. They have have some consoles for pretty cheap. Plus they refurbish items as well!

It had been a little while since we had been in there, but they have really spruced the place up, with lots of gaming stations and a nice organized layout. If you are in the area, and like games, you should drop by and see if there is anything you need.

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Got my new phone!

So after a year of wrestling with my HTC Eris, I have finally upgraded my phone to a Motorola Droid X2.

(this is not my phone, but obviously I can’t take a picture WITH my phone OF my phone….) I am just starting to put apps on it and will have to get used to it for about a week, but so far I love it. Look for a post to come about productive and fun free apps for android phones.

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I recently stumbled across a new website that is in Beta but seems to be a really good idea. Feastie is described with it’s mission below and you can get updates sent to your mobile device.

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Shopkick is a new free app for Iphone/ Ipod or Android which gives you rewards for checking in and gives you the ability to look for discounts at participating stores. I am especially looking forward to the ability to use this in Target, although many of the stores listed on the app I never go into. But nevertheless, I am sure it will grow over time and add many more stores to it’s lineup.

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Due to the oncoming weather conditions that may or may not come with Hurricane Irene, I am slaving away like a, well, slave….trying to write posts that will be released over time. So please don’t think I am slacking off already. NOPE!

Besides that, I am wondering about Google+, how many people use it, and what you all think? So I am sending out a poll directly following.

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